Former Students

PhD Students/Projects

  • Alexandra Burdell - Understanding the Home Food and Activity Environment of Low-Income, Rural Families with Young Children
  • Sarah Hibbs-Shipp - Healthy Homes: Exploring the Quality of the Home Food Environment and Maternal Health Factors

MS Students/Projects

  • Charlie Lakin (2018) – Mealtime Environment Survey: Exploring Mealtime Behaviors and Attitudes of Families with Preschool-Aged Children
  • Katie Maloney (2017) – Examining the Relationship of Self Competence in Early Childhood to Preschoolers’ Self-Perception of Willingness to Try New Foods
  • Rebecca Robbins (2017) – Family Restaurant Survey: Examining Factors Influencing Parent Decisions, and Family Practices and Food Choices, When Eating Outside of the Home
  • Daisuke Yoshida (2016) – Development of an Electronic Survey to Capture the Home Food and Activity Environment
  • Kelly Niebaum (2016) – Improving Science Communication Using Best Practices in Health Literacy and Infographic Design
  • Reanna Moore (2014) - Development and Assessment of a Search Engine Optimization Protocol for Extension Personnel and Nutrition Educators
  • Sally Kate Shepherd (2014) - Development of Health Education Materials on Social Support for Health Educators and Consumers
  • Jenna Worthen (2014) - Generating Rural Options for Weight Healthy Kids and Communities: Fleming, Colorado
  • Kate Nelson (2014) - Development of Web-based Nutrition Education Materials for Pregnant Women
  • Anna D'Hooge (2013) - Super Tasters and Mighty Movers: Extending The Food Friends messages into Early Elementary School
  • Amy Padowski (2013) - Garden-Based Nutrition Interventions: A Review of "Best" Practices for Preschoolers
  • Eliza Gass (2013) - A Toolkit on Physical Activity and Health for Nutrition Educators
  • Tara Conlon (2013) - Protocol Development and Pilot Test of a School-based Tasting Booth
  • Susan Ganster (2012) - Development of a Toolkit on the Mediterranean Diet for Nutrition Educators
  • Jessica Visinsky (2012) - Categorization of Recipes Based on Disease State
  • Kristen Nichols (2012) - Physical Activity in Young Children
  • Alana Gay (2011) - Mighty Moves Social Marketing Campaign: Product Expansion to Include an Interactive Multimedia Game Targeting Home Use
  • Amanda Spaeth (2011) - Framework and Question Set Development: Formative Research Elements for The Food Friends Storybook Development
  • Terry McArthur (2011) - 'Dining with Diabetes in Colorado': Reformulating to a Four Class Program
  • Stephanie Anderson (2011) - Adapting a Weight Management Curriculum for Use in the Community by Extension Educators
  • Kasey Brixius (2011) - Analyzing Parent Survey Data Collected from Food Friends: Get Movin’ with Mighty Moves

MPH Students/Concentration

  • Faire Holliday – Global Health and Health Disparities
  • Paulina Smolinski – Nutrition
  • Carlee Rosen - Health Communications
  • Aubrie Hartnell - Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles
  • Hannah Pensack-Rinehart - Nutrition

Undergraduate Students/Major

  •  Heather Nereson – Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Emma Kett – Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Kelsey Byrd - Nutrition (Dartmouth College)
  • Ashley Lopez - Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Meri Nimz - Food Science and Human Nutrition (Honors Thesis)
  • Jessica Salus - Food Science and Human Nutrition (Honors Thesis)
  • Emily Clyatt - Health and Exercise Science